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Prinsted - Residential Rehab and Addiction

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Prinsted is a 12 Step programme, abstinence based residential rehabilitation process and addiction treatment centre based in Surrey. Our extended programme includes groupwork and individual counselling, family workshops, creative therapies, living and social skills training, education and trauma work. Our focus is on taking responsibility, fostering community, relapse prevention and continuity of care, not only for those in the Surrey area, but for people all over the UK and Worldwide.


As a private second stage residential rehab centre, Prinsted has been developed over many years into a lovingly delivered programme of therapeutic care, making us an ideal and caring Addiction Treatment Centre in Surrey.


"Prinsted is a dream of many years turned into reality. We wanted to create an environment for high quality addiction treatment that embodied the core concepts of family, community, spirituality, individual personal development and healing. Prinsted is owned and run by clinicians with the needs of our residents at the forefront of our consideration.


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Following an unannounced key inspection in February 2008 the Commission for Social Care Inspection gave Prinsted a

3 Star Excellent rating stating "this means that people who use this service experience excellent quality outcomes".